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Renfroe JPA Vertical Lifting Locking Clamps

Renfroe JP Vertical Lifting Locking Clamps

Renfroe FR Vertical Lifting Locking Clamps

General Information

IMPORTANT: Information contained in this catalog is for the presentation of pertinent illustrative and specification data for use in the selection of suitable RENFROE® products consistent with the use intended by RENFROE®. Refer to Operator’s Manuals for information on application, operation  and maintenance of each particular model or product.
Photographs of products shown in this catalog which may include examples of applications are for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the Operator’s Manuals for approved applications of RENFROE® products.
OPERATOR’S MANUALS: Prior to purchase and/or use of any RENFROE® product, each purchaser and operator should read and understand fully all of the pertinent instructions and recommendations contained in the Operator’s Manuals for the particular product involved.
The Operator’s Manual contain recommended application, operation and maintenance instructions for all RENFROE® products listed in this catalog. A copy of the Operator’s Manuals pertaining to each such product is attached to the product or enclosed within the shipping carton with each product.
TRAINING AIDS: RENFROE® provides upon request and at no charge, training films and slides, posters, inspection kits containing coded inspection tags and maintenance inspection record forms.
RENFROE® factory representatives are also available upon request at no charge to train and assist in establishing the proper use, inspection and maintenance of RENFROE® products RENFROE® products

INSPECTION AND REPAIR: RENFROE® Factory Representatives are available upon request to inspect
RENFROE® products in use at Plant sites or such other reasonable location where such products are in use.
RENFROE® products may be returned to the factory for inspection and repair in accordance with an established fee schedule. Neither operators nor maintenance personnel of the user of such products should engage in any modification of any RENFROE® product for any reason. Installation of parts and Repair Kits should be effected only in accordance with instructions included within the Operator’s Manual and as furnished with each RENFROE® Repair Kit.
ENGINEERING SERVICE: Our Engineering Department is ready to assist in the solution of special problems and its service is available at all times to our customers.
DELAYS: J.C. RENFROE® & SONS, INC. is not liable for any delays in manufacturing or shipping caused by fire, strikes, lockouts, war, insurrections, inability to secure materials, government interference or regulations, delays in transportation, or other circumstances beyond reasonable control.
RETURN OF GOODS: No goods either standard or special may be returned for credit without written consent.
EXCLUSION OF WARRANTY: There exists no warranties neither expressed nor implied which extend beyond the descriptions or statements contained in the face or any part hereof.

1. DO consult Operator’s Manual or RENFROE® when in doubt. RENFROE® factory representatives are available upon request
at no charge to train and assist in establishing the proper use of RENFROE® products.
2. DO lock clamp closed before lifting load. NEVER lift with Lock in open or “Lock Open” position.
3. DO use safety hooks. NEVER use a hook that may release clamp.
4. DO use an adequate number of clamps to balance load. NEVER lift loads that are not balanced.
5. DO use clamps within their rated capacity. NEVER overload clamp.
6. DO inspect clamp before each lift, follow inspection and maintenance instructions and use RENFROE® replacement parts
to assure proper operation of the clamp.
7. DON’T side load. NEVER lift from side with vertical clamp.
8. DON’T lift over workmen. NEVER lift over Safety Areas or personnel.
9. DON’T misuse. NEVER lift plate from bottom of plate stack.
10. DON’T rush. NEVER lift more than one plate at a time with a vertical clamp.
11. DON’T improvise. Always use correct clamp for job. NEVER lift horizontally with a vertical clamp.
12. DON’T use clamp that has been overloaded.
13. DON’T alter clamp. NEVER grind, weld or modify the clamp in any manner