OSHA Fall Protection Training: 3 Important Fall Protection Items

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) uses a three step process to save lives on the job: plan, provide, and train. Fall protection certifications are extremely important within various industries. If you’re overseeing any job that involves heights, fall protection equipment, and other general construction tasks, it’s essential that you enroll in a legitimate OSHA fall protection training program beforehand.

Here are a few essential fall protection items that you should educate yourself on as well.

Wire Rope Terminations

Make sure to know the various wire rope termination specifications to avoid any injury and ensure you and your workers are adhering to OSHA’s safety regulations. Generally, wire rope end terminations earn efficiency ratings depending on the breaking strength of the actual wire rope. For example, the efficiency rating of a properly prepared loop for clip sizes from 1/8” to 7/8” is roughly 80%. In order to ensure each employee is safe while using wire rope products on the job, make sure that the sleeves, plugs, sockets, and entire cutaway is assembled correctly.

Web Slings

Make sure that the web slings that are being used on your construction site consist of the highest quality polyester or nylon on the market. As long as the web slings are made up of durable materials, they will provide excellent strength and high-grade load protection. In addition to strong web slings, make sure that they are also lightweight and flexible so they can be easily handled at various heights throughout job sites. The best web slings on the market are also unaffected by oils and can provide solid resistance to adhesives and chemicals.

Cargo tie down products

In addition to ensuring that your employees working at high levels are safe, you have to make sure the heavy products that are being raised and lowered are secure as well. While lifting heavy loads, make sure that the synthetic tie down assemblies are both strong and secure enough to handle these heavy loads.

To ensure that you and your staff of construction workers are properly trained on these various items, and are fully aware of staying safe while on the job, register for OSHA fall protection training. Contact Certex USA today if you want to learn more about the importance of OSHA fall protection training today.


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