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Round Slings 101: Some Basic Specifications

Aug 30, 2017MISC HARDWARE, Safety Training0 comments

CERTEX, USA has been manufacturing synthetic web slings for over 30 years, so our team understands what high standards mean when it comes to the manufacturing of round slings and other lifting products. We manufacture our web slings with the highest quality nylon or polyester materials, so that our slings offer outstanding strength with excellent load protection. Web slings should be pliable to offer protection to fragile and or odd shaped loads. They should also made of a soft material that is pliable and yet strong. The material that the round sling is manufactured from should not not damage or scratch the surfaces of the products being lifted. CERTEX ensures these qualities and more. Our round slings are also lightweight and flexible, ensuring that the load can be easily handled and rigged to a load.

Our round slings will easily adjust and conform to the load with a non slip, secure grip and are treated to keep out dirt, moisture and reduce abrasion. Other brands used may be subject to slipping, or expansion if wet. Our Nylon and polyester web slings are unaffected by oil and grease and offer good chemical resistance. Make sure to review our charts online and in our catalog to ensure proper size codes and sling types.

According to OSHA, New slings should be marked by the manufacturer to show:

  • The rated load for the types of hitches, and the angle upon which they are based,
  • The core material, and
  • The cover material if different from core material.

In addition, slings may be marked to show:

  • The name or trademark of the manufacturer,
  • The manufacturer’s code or stock number, and
  • The name or trademark of the manufacturer.

From wire mesh slings, to hoists, clamps, blocks and sheaves, and round slings, CERTEX USA has the lifting equipment you will need to get the job done correctly, safely and on schedule.  Your can be sure we have you covered with quality lifting products at competitive prices.


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