The Must-Have Equipment For Safe And Productive Construction

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Certex-Safety-Equipment-300x158Earlier this summer, a team of construction workers uncovered a gold-filled tomb while preparing ground in Nanjing, China. Discovering treasure and/or items of historical significance while making way for construction is not as uncommon as you might think. Construction workers have also come across fossils, old towns, and ancient burial grounds (think vikings and long-dead kings), and some within the last few years. Whether workers happen upon a piece of history or they simply take part in building it, there are certain tools and supplies that are a must at every construction project. Here are just a few:

Lift Safely And Effectively With These Construction Essentials

Whether workers are lifting out surprising amounts of decades- or centuries-old gold as in the case of the Chinese excavation or lifting bricks, equipment, and other building materials, safe lifting is a must. Relatively simple lifting gear, like wire rope thimbles and chain slings, can make an incredible difference. Lifting equipment uses mechanisms like wheels, lifting drums, and chains to evenly distribute weight and lift it easily, reliably, and without strain. Not only do things like wire rope thimbles ease burdens on workers and make lifting faster, they also protect against hazards, like workers being struck by unsecured and/or falling objects.

Fall Protection Equipment

Workers falling is also a concern. Thankfully, with proper precautions, thorough training, and necessary fall arrest equipment, falling doesn’t have to be a problem. What do these things entail? Construction companies should advise workers to exercise caution on platforms, especially when it is raining or icy. Similarly, employees who are working up high — lifting materials up or working on parts of buildings or houses that are significantly high up off the ground — should use hoists and fall arrest slings that will catch and stop falls in their tracks before they become dangerous.

Construction, no matter what it entails, can be — and is often — 100% productive and safe. Proper lifting materials and fall arrest equipment can go a long way to keep worker safe and on task.


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