Three Most Important Safety Tips For Construction Workers

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Everyone working in construction and/or shipyards knows that safety is absolutely critical. Things like fall protection training and quality lifting slings easily save lives. In order to keep construction sites as safe as possible, workers and management alike need to follow some basic guidelines. What does it take to keep construction safe and effective?

Different Jobs Require Different Tools

Safety training is always important. Keeping construction jobs going smoothly, however, also depends on ordering the right equipment. Supervisors and/or managers should make certain to carefully order lifting equipment in accordance with best practices for the situation

Inspections Are A Must

As of May 2013, construction workers earned an average of $26.09 per hour. That’s not shabby pay — as long as they’re staying safe. Managers and construction workers alike can help by following basic safety training guidelines. For example, workers should always carefully inspect tools and equipment before using them. Slings should have edge protection, just in case they come into contact with sharp edges or materials. Anyone working with rigging should inspect it before using.

Prepare For Another Day’s Work

Believe it or not, one of the most important parts of construction worker safety is packing up and storing traditional and safety equipment correctly. Workers should never knot rigging, for example. Rigging should be carefully stowed in a clean dry environment.

How can and should construction workers stay safe? Working on a construction site — or even in a shipyard — can be perfectly safe, with the right training and equipment. Managers should always order equipment specific to the job at hand, and employees should carefully inspect all equipment, rigging, and scaffolding prior to working.


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